Here a small pickup truck starts to enter the crosswalk area approximately as the Chevron vehicle had. 
   The small red oval at the front of the pickup is about where the dents were located on the Chevron vehicle's grill (see Figure 1). 
   The green spot shows about where the plaintiff was in the crosswalk - where the police report placed her - at impact. 
   The large red spot on the pavement, near the curb (purple diagonal line), is about where the plaintiff landed after being struck.  
   The straight blue line that connects the two spots shows how the plaintiff was likely launched from point a. - in the crosswalk - to point b., the pavement, with the aid of what I suspect was a kind of right-handed "English" which effected her trajectory through the air. 
   Photo taken in '03. [See also Figs. 6, 6a and 9.] 

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