Fig. 2. The Chevron vehicle (to the left of the police car) many minutes after the accident.
Karen is the purple splotch on the pavement, surrounded by people, as seen to the immediate left of the police car. 
   A faint, whitish mark can be seen close against the inside passenger-side rear tire of the vehicle extending out into the crosswalk area. Is it a skid mark made by the right front tire - the tire that would have done the most braking in a vehicle making that left-hand turn? Or is it instead, as one Chevron witness suggested, the reflection of a headlight? The importance of this question is that if it is indeed a skid mark, it makes the entire Chevron defense a lie.
      Also, does anyone see a curb near the Chevron vehicle? The appeals court judges did. To them, the plaintiff was "a few steps" from one when hit. 

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