Fig. 6. A less cluttered view of the scale diagram showing the at rest position of the car (right).
   The purple spot (center) is the approximate position of the pedestrian at the time of impact. Her landing site is about where the blue dot is (bottom right corner). 
   The green arrow shows the shortest (straightest) route from the center of the wheelchair ramp to the bus stop sign. 
   The red area represents the actual curb.
   The "Mother of All Telephone Poles" is represented by the light blue dot (lower left). 
   The positions of the single (left) and double (right) dot/reflectors - over nineteen feet from the base of the wheelchair ramp and curb - can be seen in yellow, above the driverís side of the vehicle.
   Think of it as a pool shot: The car is the cue ball and the pedestrian is the target ball. 

[Note: This image is partly my creation and was not contained in the appeals brief.] 

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