Fig. 11a. One rather blurry scanned page of the police report. 
   To the reader who can't decipher the part I've circled in red, it is under the "Pedestrians Involved" multiple-choice section of the form and it reads: "B. Crossing In Crosswalk at Intersection." It was in this box that the police officer at the scene put a large "X". This - like so many other things - apparently had no relevance to either juror or judge. 
   Notice also the little lines and arrows drawn at the bottom of the page. What they display is about where the pedestrian was in the crosswalk when hit by the car and about where she landed after impact.  The difficult to decipher hand initialed letters above the darkened arrow read - almost vertically - "POI" which stands for "Point Of Impact". Please read on...


More of the report. Of all the reams and reams of paper generated by this case, these couple of pages were among the most important, yet they meant zilch to the jury. To me - and others - it seemed that there was a perverse obstinacy in the jurors refusal to consider the simple and undeniable realities that had been laid before them. 

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