Fig. 6a. Yet another view of the crosswalk. 
   The plaintiff would have entered the crosswalk from the right-hand side and been approaching the "single dot" (green spot, center) when struck. 
   The purple spot is about where the police accident report placed the pedestrian at impact (15' north of the curb in the crosswalk). The reddish spot (center right, at the curb) is the area where the pedestrian/plaintiff landed after the vehicle had struck her. 
    Notice also the numerous faint tire marks visible on the asphalt and the angle at which they intersect the crosswalk. These marks were all made by vehicles making left-hand turns onto Tewksbury, just as the Chevron vehicle had done. 
   The appeals court found it difficult to "reconcile" where the plaintiff said she was inside the crosswalk when struck to where she wound up landing. I don't - and never did - find it in the least bit difficult to "reconcile". Who is correct? Me or the appeals court judges? Photo taken in '96.

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