"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." Aldous Huxley

"There is no statute of limitations on reality." Me

July 18, 2002: That's yours truly at the scene of the second crime practicing his First Amendment rights. This public protest of two or three hours duration was probably the most "American" thing I have ever done. It felt great. (Notice the old website name of "www.peopledonot.com" on the placard.)

      To those who might find portions of this website disconcerting due to its less than glowing depiction of a close encounter with the personal injury side of the American legal system, I can only say this: "Too bad, get over it". For anyone else who still has a problem, let me recommend this four-step program which is almost guaranteed to aid an individual in getting his or her mind “right”. The program goes like this:

  1. Get hit by a car while walking in an intersection. Do not get killed or paralyzed when doing so, but do suffer a very painful and debilitating injury with lifelong physical consequence.

  1. Also, due to this injury, lose your solid-ain't-going-nowhere, good paying job - and occupation - along with its accompanying retirement plan.

  1. File a lawsuit against the corporation bearing the financial responsibility for your injury and then, at trial, have people representing that corporation call your account of events a lie, when in simple plain fact, all you’ve done is tell the truth

  1. Understand that virtually everyone with even so much as a cursory knowledge of the accident understands the how and why of it - primarily because it's all pretty much of a no-brainer to begin with. The exception to this understanding will be found in the twelve challenged jurors "reasoned" verdict that will find the corporation and the driver free of all responsibility in the matter. This bit of wonderment - or lunacy - flying in the face of all evidence, reason and science  will, after a couple of years, be followed by a three member appeals court decision upholding the witless verdict. The court will do so only after somehow managing to completely confuse the most elemental, obvious and available evidence necessary in understanding the how and the why of the accident. On that egregious judicial failure, the case is closed, and there you are, at forty-some years of age, out on the street, with a bum knee, no job, your occupation and retirement gone, wondering just where in the hell was the justice in any of this.  

    Get the picture? If not, read A Question of Justice and you will.