Fig. 1. Top. A photograph of the front-end of the '91 Ford Tempo taken a few months after the accident. 
   The dented and broken grillwork is visible to the left of the blue Ford emblem at the center of the grill (red circle).
   Regrettably, while there were a number of police photos taken of the car at the accident scene from different angles, none were taken of its front-end, the impact point. 
   This oversight allowed Mr. Lee, the Chevron lawyer, to argue that the front-end damage displayed in the post-accident photos had occurred sometime after the accident. 
   It was his contention that the plaintiff had been struck by the passenger side/corner of the car.
   Funny thing though, if Mr. Lee were correct about the impact point - given the violence of the thing - is in how there weren't any dents or cracked or broken lamp lenses to that side/corner area of the car. 




Bottom photo: Another look at the vehicles' front-end. The damage is less evident from this angle, which I think helps to explain how such damage could have been overlooked by some people in the dim light at the accident scene. 

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