Fig. 11. Left: The unobstructed view of the stop bar area from the wheelchair ramp as photographed in '01. The silver car (center) is awaiting the green light at the stop bar at about where the Chevron vehicle was alleged to have been awaiting the green light.   
   Right: The view of the crosswalk area from the vicinity of the stop bar. The crosswalk starts to the immediate left of the "Mother of All Telephone Poles," which is center-right. This pole was what Mr. Lee termed one of the "significant physical obstructions to [Mr. X's] view of Plaintiff." Photo taken in 1996.                              
    The galvanized traffic light pole - the only other available "significant physical obstruction" - is visible to the left in each picture (red arrows). This light pole would block a driver's view of the crosswalk for only the briefest of moments. That pole is over 75 feet from the curb/wheelchair ramp. After it, there are no more obstructions - or excuses - to explain away how an alert driver could miss seeing a pedestrian in the crosswalk area.

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