Fig. 9.
The bus stop area as seen from the wheelchair ramp. The pole that the bus stop sign is mounted on can be seen at the tip of the red arrow. [That sign has since been moved several feet  back from it's original location.]
    According to Mr. Lee, this sign was "far" to Karen's right and partly responsible for causing her to "wander considerably outside of the marked crosswalk". 
    The photo also shows the former position of the "infamous" single reflector, represented here by the purple spot, right center (which was no longer present when this photo was taken months after the accident).
       Concerning this reflective dot the appeals judges had concluded the following (my italics):

 "Thus, if immediately before the accident [Karen] saw only a single orange reflector by her foot she would not have been most of the way across the street but fairly close to the curb." 

   That reflective dot was in actuality over nineteen feet from the nearest curb, just as the diagram and photos contained in the appeals brief revealed it to be. Photo taken in '96.
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